SU-CHALA- “Save Urban Children from Hazardous jobs and assistance for linking with academy”

Su-chala is a Bengali word which means to survive fairly. There are huge numbers of children in Bangladesh involved in many hazardous jobs due to their family crisis. They are deprived of nutritious foods, as well as three daily meals, basic education, enjoying their childhood and child friendly environments to grow up in. Considering their needs, a project was designed to ensure the children’s basic education and liberate them from those hazardous jobs. The support was provided to the existing BASTOB microfinance members children.

The project activity started on 1st January 2012 and has continued till 31st December 2013. The new phase began from January 2014.

There are two major objectives of this project.

  1. Ensure basic education for poor working children by enrolling them in the school.
  2. Gradually make the children free from existing hazardous jobs by providing scholarships.

Under this project there are about 32 children between the ages of 6 to 12 years of which 17 are female. Each receives TK. 400/= (four hundred) per month and every year Tk. 800/=