Goethe-Tagore Academy (GTA)

Goethe-Tagore Academy is a joint collaboration project of BASTOB and DEUTSCH-BENGALISCHE KINDERHILFE (DBK). The primary and the main aim of this project are to maintain a standard, respectable position and to give its students the basic education so that this helps the students to get rid of the excessive pressure on education.

The education style of this academy is that, students must finish their studies within the school time so that there is no pressure for them of any kind such as home tuitions. This academy believes that their experience and cooperation from their teachers will make the basic education of the students real strong and will give them a bright future.

The initial Concept of the School was that 80% of the total children will pay school fees as in other private schools in Bangladesh; Rest 20% of children will not pay school fees. They will be selected from poor families especially from lower caste/social group, children from garments factory and daily labourers.

The school started in 2013 with 24 students.  From January 2014 new session has been started. There are 33 students of which 21 are in Play Group, 7 in Nursery and 4 in KG and 1 in class one.  The parents of the students are very poor.  Majority of parents are garments workers, security guards, house maids, small shop keepers, rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers etc.