The Executive Director is overall responsible for management of the organization. He is assisted by Director Administration and Programme Head.  Director Administration runs the Administrative, Finance and Human Resource Development matters in cooperation with the Coordinator Accounts and Coordinator Internal Audit. The Programme Head manages the programmes with the Project Coordinators who are responsible for day to day implementation of the projects. They are assisted by Regional, Area and Branch Managers/unit leaders, who are looking after offices in the field level. Field or root level staffs are Development Facilitator/Credit Facilitators. There are 350 full-time staffs who are implementing the development activities in the head and field office level.

Management Team:

Name of employee Designation
Mr. Ruhi Das Executive Director
Mr. Md. Jamal Hossain Director, Administration
Mr. Ranjit Ch. Das Programme Head
Mr. Rustom Ali Mollah Coordinator, Microfinance
Mr. Hari Narayan Das Roni Coordinator Internal Audit
Mr. Kingshu Kumer Majumder Coordinator, Accounts
Mr. Protap Kumar Roy Asst. Coordinator Microfinnce
Mr. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury Manager, Internal Audit
Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Regional Manager
Mrs. Jahanara Hasan Admin. & Education Officer