Health Service Centre is a project of BASTOB supported by Anukul Foundation. The project has successfully completed its 9th year with the continuous support of Anukul Foundation. The aim of the project is to ensure basic health education and primary treatment of microfinance clients and their family members who are living around BASTOB Badaldi, Uttara, & Dhaka branch office areas. BASTOB and Anukul Foundation jointly started this journey on 1st July 2011 considering the health awareness and treatment need of the microfinance clients and the local community. This health support program has given a lot of positive impact to the clients as well as the organization to carry out the microfinance project activities. This health project is addressing the various health needs like mother, child and adolescent health and education, basic treatment, women pregnancy care with the support of Iron and calcium tablets for each poor women, refereeing to hospital, MBBS doctor support, ensuring discount support of medicine and medical tests from the local pharmacy and local clinic.

The objective of the report is to give an overview on implemented total activities which have carried out during the reporting period that is 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022.

The objectives of the health project are:

  • To address the primary health care needs of BASTOB clients as well as their family members.
  • To reduce the family diseases of Microfinance members and local community by providing health awareness education and basic treatment by the Paramedic and MBBS doctors supports.