Making Migration Better for the Labour Migrants in Bangladesh (MMBLMB)

Labour migration is currently the source of income for over 10.04 million labour migrants and their families in Bangladesh. However, the absence of adequate regulatory and supportive framework limits the benefits and increases the risk of exploitation by unscrupulous intermediaries and labour recruiting agencies. It is recognized that international labour migrants of Bangladesh have been suffering from fraudulence, complexity and various hassles in their migration process. In order to reduce these problems of labor migrants, some development organizations are active in Bangladesh. In this backdrop, BASTOB has been implementing programmatic interventions in different areas of Bangladesh, for the last couple of years, to ensure safe labour migration.

BASTOB started one project in 2007 and `completed it by 2013. From October 2013 a 39-month project “Making Migration Better for the Labor Migrants in Bangladesh (MMBLMB)” is attracting a lot of response in Keraniganj, Nawabganj and DoharUpazillas of Dhaka district. The main goal is to improve the security and livelihoods of the labour migrants in Bangladesh.

To achieve the goal, capacity of the potential migrants was increased by providing necessary information on migration process, developing occupational skills and influencing different government institutions for a safer migration process.

BASTOB helps building linkage with technical training center for creating skill labor force and ensuring safe migration with proper passport, VISA, job contact, BMET registration and training.