Introduction: BASTOB has successfully completed its 7th year of Health Service Center Project with the help of Anukul Foundation. The aim of the project is to ensure basic health education and primary treatment of microfinance group members and their family members.

BASTOB believes that Microfinance Project is not only to address the financial need of the members but also to address their various social needs, especially health and education. Now-a-days, people of this area are more conscious of their children’s health, taking care of pregnant women and meeting their doctors on time.

Case Study:

Shikha Got a Healthy Baby

Little incidents, which we often ignore, may be the most memorable episodes of life. Six months after her child birth, Shikha came to greet her physician Dr. Nilufar Kamorej Jaha at BASTOB Health Service Centre with her little baby. She could not talk much in the midst of her smiles and tears except for saying, ‘Thank you Apa. I will never forget your service and BASTOB’s assistance.’

This is Mrs. Shikha Rani Sarker (24) of Narayanganj who got married to Mr. Prohallad Sarker living in Tafalia Badaldi, Uttara. With a view to help her husband in his business, Shikha joined BASTOB’s microfinance group and thus came in contact with BASTOB’s Health Service Centre.

In spite of her group activities, Shikha smartly took care of her own health. She was careful about her expected baby. She did not hesitate to visit BASTOB’s paramedic and the doctor as well for a safe child birth. She followed the doctor’s advice sincerely and also took iron and calcium tablet regularly. Though she did not have normal delivery, yet she gave birth to a healthy baby through Cesarean section delivery. She is happy.

Because of her sincere group activities and for being a caring woman, she is well-respected by BASTOB programme workers and she received Tk. Two thousand from BASTOB to meet her delivery costs. She renders her gratitude to BASTOB for this assistance. Shikha Rani is now ambassador of BASTOB’s health programme.