The General Body of BASTOB consists of 23 members. This is a diverse group of people in terms of profession, age, geographic residence, etc. This is the supreme policy maker of the organization.  All the General Body members believe in the constitution, vision, mission and core values of the organization. They have a firm commitment to help develop the underprivileged people of Bangladesh. The General Body meets in the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The main function of the General Body is to approve the annual work plan, budget, audit report, selection of Auditor, elect of the Governing Board and to amend the Articles and Memorandum of Association of the organization.

Members of General Body:

Sl. Name Designation Profession
1 Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Samdani Fakir Chairperson Vice-Chancellor, Green University of Bangladesh
2 Mrs. Sharmind Neelormi Vice-Chairperson Associate Professor, (Dept. of Eco.) Jahangirnagar University
3 Md. Faruque Ahmed Treasurer Proprietor, Mahib Enterprise
4 Mr. Bani Amin Md. Sabuktagin Bhuiyan Board Member Manager, Mediacom
5 Mr. Ronjit Halder Board Member Project Coordinator, Dhaka Community Hospital
6 Mr. Atatur Rahman Miton Board Member Country Director, Hunger Free World
7 Mrs. Masuma Samad Board Member Executive Director, VASD
8 Md. Gias Uddin Ahmed General Body Member Ex-Vice-principal Mirpur University College
9 Md. Osman Ghoni General Body Member Executive Director, Sampreeti
10 Dr. Shamsun Nahar Ahmed General Body Member University Teacher
11 Dr. Nilufar Kamorez Jaha General Body Member Freelance Consultant
12 Mr. Jiptha Boiragee General Body Member Programme Coordinator, The Leprosy Mission
13 Ms. Maksuda Reza General Body Member Teacher, Mirpur University College
14 Ms. Agnesh Peris Baby General Body Member House wife
15 Ms. Masuma Pervin General Body Member Project Officer, The Leprosy Mission
16 Ms. Anima Mukti Gomes General Body Member Artist (Singer)
17 Ms. Nasrin Jahan General Body Member House wife
18 Mr. Suvash Ch. Mistary General Body Member IT Engineer, Lufthansa, Germany
19 Mr. S.M. Emdadul Haque General Body Member IT Professional, Australia
20 Mr. B.S. Sagor Barua General Body Member Artist (Singer), France
21 Mr. Mohiuddin Howlader (Selim) General Body Member IT Engineer, Liechtenstein
22 Mr. Khalilur Rahman General Body Member Executive Director, Endeavor
23 Mrs. Anzuman Akter General Body Member Director, The Hunger Free World
23 Mr. Ruhi Das Secretary Executive Director/ Ex-officio Secretary